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Red, White and Blue Decor

I’ve always been a fan of seasonal decor. I have scaled back in how much I use, but I still love to add a touch of the upcoming holiday around my home. This week it was time to pull out my patriotic things and add a few touches. Here’s what I added…

My entryway bench got a banner with my chalkboard design overhead.
My chalkboard is vinyl and I love it. It’s easy to write on and it also erases easily.
I put all red, white and blue in my cute tiered stand. I just went through my cupboards looking for anything with those colors. You don’t have to decorate with only purchased patriotic items!
The living room mantle was the other spot I added some patriotic decor.
I love vintage books with pictures like this one!

This year with all the things going on in our country, I feel especially patriotic and longing for our nation to be
One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

How about hanging up your flag, and then pulling out some red, white and blue decor pieces to add a patriotic touch to your home and your heart?!

Refresh your patriotism,

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July 4th Decor

I love adding seasonal decor to my home. Fourth of July happens to fit in with my decor pretty nicely, so I put little splashes in several areas of the living room/kitchen, and then outside as well.  Here’s a peek at the inside…






We just added little flags to the landscape and pots outside…








We’re looking forward to some fun family time today!  I hope you have a great holiday! God bless the USA!

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A Peek From My Porch – What I’ve been Up to This week

Here’s my week:

What I’ve decorated:

My mantle for Fourth of July!

The best picture I’ve taken:

We passed this old barn on a drive we took. Isn’t it picturesque?!

A favorite thing I made for supper:

Breakfast for supper was so yummy one night this week. I bought a used Belgium Waffle maker from a friend and it worked like a charm!

What I’ve purchased:

I went shopping with friends from church and found these cute bowls that I’ve needed. I found them at West Elm, a place that sells Pottery Barn merchandise. These were $3 each. I now have a set of 8! They’ll be perfect for cereal, yogurt, ice cream…pretty much anything that requires a bowl!

What I did with my hair:

Not a huge change, but just longer on top and less bulk on the sides. I can flip it out, tuck it behind my ears or wear it like I normally do.

The “tucked” style.

What I’ve crafted:

I’ve been having fun sewing up some “Taggie toys” for friends who are having babies. This soft fabric, the ribbon, the nubby wings and the ribbons all make for a nice tactile toy for a baby. The wings also have a sensory material inside that makes it crinkle. I have all kinds of ideas in mind for future toys!

What I’ve thanked the Lord for:

This is my husband sharing the Gospel with a man he met in this parking lot. He rarely ever misses an opportunity to share Christ with those he meets. He challenges my life every day.

Where I’ve been:

We had an impromptu picnic at this beautiful location on July 4th. It was peaceful, quiet, breathtaking, refreshing and fun!

God is so good to me.  When I look back on all that He allows me to do, I only see His hand of blessing in my life.  You are a part of that!  Thanks for stopping in to take a peek!

What have you been up to in the past week?

With love from my country porch,