Fourth of July

July 4th Highlights


Happy birthday, America

I took the picture above on my recent trip to NYC.  The reflecting pools are truly a sobering sight.  The names of all those that died in the 911 attack are listed around the two fountains.  It’s heart-wrenching to think of the loss of so many lives. What’s even more difficult is thinking of those that  went into eternity without Christ.

Going on this trip to New York gave me a fresh appreciation for our country’s birthday that we celebrated yesterday.  We enjoyed a day together as a whole family with Whitney and Paul coming to Tennessee to share in the events of July 4th.  Some of the highlights were:

  • The Jonesborough Parade – There are about as many tractors in the parade as people, but it’s very American and very fun!
  • Seeing my grandsons wave flags and streamers during the parade. They were magnets for all the candy and favors that were being passed out at the parade!
  • Enjoying grilled burgers and all the trimmings in our backyard.
  • Sitting in the backyard under our covered porch to visit, watch the boys in their small pool, and cheer on the Corn Hole Players.
  • Celebrating Whitney’s upcoming September birthday early because we were all together to do so!  (Pictures coming!)
  • Laughter, chatter and even singing as a family.

How thankful I am for my family and the love and sweet times we share together.  I don’t take it for granted, but pray each day that the Lord will keep us close to Him and one another.

How did you celebrate the 4th?  What’s the highlight of the parade in your city?

Refresh your heart this weekend,

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July 4th Decor

I love adding seasonal decor to my home. Fourth of July happens to fit in with my decor pretty nicely, so I put little splashes in several areas of the living room/kitchen, and then outside as well.  Here’s a peek at the inside…






We just added little flags to the landscape and pots outside…








We’re looking forward to some fun family time today!  I hope you have a great holiday! God bless the USA!

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