Marriage Matters in February

Marriage matters!  We talk about it a lot here on my blog.  It matters because it matters to our God!  If Christians don’t stand up and defend, first their own marriage, then the biblical view of marriage, then we have no right to complain when the state votes against it!

I love highlighting biblical marriages here.  I love showing what a healthy marriage should look like.  Note that I did not say a Perfect marriage, for none exist.  But if you and I value marriage as God does, then we need to be putting intentional thought into time with our spouse, intentional effort into respecting our husband with our words and actions, and intentional effort into keeping the love fresh and vibrant!

That’s why I’m encouraging my readers to Instagram pictures of ways they are showing Marriage matters to them.  There have been some great posts this month.  For whatever reason I’m not able to move those posts from Instagram to my blog, so I’ll share what I can visually, then tell you about a few highlights so you’ll have some great ideas of ways to make the most of your marriage!

  • The picture below was from my friend, Angie.  She found a recipe for Super Bowl snacking that she was pretty sure her husband would love.  She said how much it meant to him that she would plan a special food just for him!
  • Another friend made a coconut pudding for her husband that he loves, but she dislikes.  How thoughtful!
    Do you know what your husband loves?  Do you make an effort to please him – even if it’s something you might not enjoy?  That’s a rebuke to me, because it’s easier to make things I like, or that we both enjoy.  I need to do better at that!


  •  Whitney shared about the importance of getting fixed up each day – even if it’s a day she and her husband are sharing together at home.  Putting on make-up and fixing her hair for him shows that he’s important to her!  It’s easy to be a little sloppy if we’re not going out, but what a message it gives if we look sharp just for our husband!  That is a great tip from a young wife!
  • Another friend bought a special seasonal treat of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups in the form of an egg for her hubby.  What’s your husband’s favorite candy bar?  What does bringing home a treat while we’re out say to our husband?  “I was thinking of you in the middle of a busy day!”  This is a great way to show your priority of loving your husband over your children…bring him a treat in secret.  The children don’t have to have one every time you spoil him!
  • My friend, Kellie, plays the piano for her church.  Her choice of an offertory was especially for her husband who loves the song, Victory in Jesus.  So in the middle of a church service, her piano playing was in essence, playing a melody of love to him!  It’s a little wink, a nod to him, saying, “I knew you would love to hear this song!”  How sweet!
  • Something that my husband did for me last week was to send me a text (while we were both home!) to say, “I need someone to watch Fixer Upper with me.  How about sharing some popcorn, too?”  This is a show we both love to watch together, and it was fun to turn it into a special time as we dug into the popcorn bowl and laughed at all Chip’s antics together!

Again, whether or not you post your picture, I pray that these posts will remind you of the importance of being intentional (have I said that word enough today? Ha.) about pouring effort, love, words, and actions into your marriage.  It really does matter.

With love,


Marriage Matters

For the last two weeks I’ve asked you to post pictures on Monday of your efforts to show that Marriage Matters to you.  I had some great photos, and rather than just choosing one favorite, I thought I’d show you a gallery, that share some really great truths about how to keep a marriage moving forward.  My friends did a great job showing how its done!  These are in no particular order. You can click on a picture to enlarge it.


Whitney’s post is the snowy one.  She said, ”

Paul had to work on Saturday, even though our roads were covered in ice and snow. I got up early and made his favorite hot breakfast. I really wanted him to stay home and watch movies with me, and I’m sure Paul would have enjoyed a rare day off. But I made sure he was aware of my admiration of his incredible work ethic and dependability. He needs to hear those words of respect from me!

This picture is an important reminder that we show respect to our husbands for who they are and what they do.  Using the words, “I respect you for…” are critical.  Good job, Whitney!  Whitney blogs at Come Home for Comfort and is linking up with me today!

Angie posted the picture of the lit up deer.  Her comment about her post was:

Pretty Christmas decorations when we had a date night while visiting family in Huntsville. We don’t get date nights very often, so I cherish that time together.

I think the truth in her post is that our date with our spouse might not be exactly what we’d dream, but when the opportunity avails itself (babysitters are provided, a little extra cash is available, or you have a few rare minutes), make use of that time!  Don’t let it slip by because it isn’t a cruise!  Thanks, for participating, Angie!

The picture of the wedding bands was posted by Kellie yesterday.  She said,

This week for#mondaymarriagematters I thought I would share two verses that I say to myself every morning as I put my wedding band on. My wedding band is a visual reminder that I am to be a good thing to my husband every day for as long as I Iive. I want to be a good thing to him because that is what God expects of me as a wife and I want my marriage to glorify God. It isn’t easy, and I fail often. But when those verses go through my mind, as they often do throughout the day, I’m reminded that my marriage matters and I want to be a “truly good wife” like the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31.

I think it’s easy to forget that God’s Word gives clear instruction to couples – and lots of it!  Memorizing Scripture that will help you be what you need to be as a wife is the best way to have a meaningful marriage. Way to apply God’s Word, Kellie!

The two hearts is my picture.  I shared the very simple day-to-day things my husband and I do for one another.  My demonstration to him was to iron his handkerchiefs and spray a little of my cologne on them.  He tucked a “Love is…” clipping from the paper into my make-up bag.  The little things that cost nothing are sometimes the most effective.  What little demonstration could you do today?

“Please forgive me” was posted by my sweet, humble friend, Melissa.  Here’s her honest admission:

I can be so selfish. 😞 I can be so proud. 😖 Sometimes I need to humble myself and go to my husband and ask for his forgiveness for my attitude towards him. 😢 It’s not always easy to do that, but it is what is pleasing to the Lord. And, it is what will restore the sweet relationship with my love that I desire. ❤️ I have been greatly challenged by a series of lessons on@reviveourhearts called My Personal Petitions. I need Him every hour of every day. I am praying that through the tough times, He will continue to shape me into who He wants me to be.

“I’m sorry” are hard words to say, but we all need to practice asking forgiveness when the Spirit of God convicts.  Do you need to ask the Lord to help you ask your husband’s forgiveness for an attitude that is sinful?  Good job, Melissa!

Alli’s picture shows her and her husband at a ballgame.  I happen to know that this was a last minute privilege allowed them.  Her comment about the photo was simply

Watching the #etsu basketball game with @andrew 🏀

The truth this reminds me of is spontaneity.  Go with the flow!  When your husband suggests doing something, be ready with a positive answer!  “Sure!” “That’s sounds great!”  “I’d love that!” Don’t be a fuddy-duddy.  Be fun. Be spontaneous.  Looks like you all had fun, Alli!  Way to go!

I’m going to keep posting pictures on Mondays of our marriage efforts.  Marriage really does matter, and I want the world to know!  This was God’s great plan, and I’m so thankful!  I’d love for you to join me using the hashtag #mondaymarriagematters.  What a great testimony to a watching world!  We picture the Gospel when we live out our marriages with love and forgiveness.  Let’s preach it!

Of these ideas posted, do you have a favorite?  Who else will join us?

With love,

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What’s Going On This Week

It always surprises me when I look back at the week to see how there seems to be a theme threaded through the events.  This past week I’d have to say the theme is “Celebrating.”  Let me explain with pictures below.

The first picture below was taken at Christmas…hence the red shoes with the green sweater.  =)  It was my attempt to be subtly Christmas-y!  This is my dad, for those who may not know.  This picture has been on my phone screen many times this week as I’ve thought about and prayed for my dad.  He had a scope done at the hospital, then things were difficult for his breathing afterwards and he ended up in ICU.  There are some special issues that need attention, so he’s still in the hospital where he’s been given a couple units of blood, oxygen and steroids.  I’m celebrating the fact that as of right now my dad is doing some better.  He was good enough to give me a call on his cell phone yesterday morning – right when I was studying the Scriptures and reading about prayer.  How good is our God?!


We got to help our son-in-law celebrate his 24th birthday this week.  Alli made him a scrumptious chocolate pie, then we played Quelf – an hysterical group game.  We laughed ourselves silly.  If you’re a little reserved, just eat a piece of chocolate pie accompanied with coffee before you play.  You’ll have enough caffeine in you that you’ll be bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm and will win!  Ask me how I know!


Last week I made a challenge about posting pictures of your attempt to make the most of your marriage.  The next picture here is one of the pictures I took one night while my husband and I had a popcorn and game date.  We had a great time enjoying our favorite snack, the fire, a fun game, and one another’s company.  We choose to celebrate our marriage – a gift from the Lord!

There were seven this Monday that posted photos on #mondaymarriagematters on Instagram.  I loved seeing your pictures and your ideas of time with your spouse!  I hope even more will join us next week.  Just snap a picture of a date with your spouse, a gesture you made to improve your relationship, or a verse that encouraged you in regard to your marriage, then use the hashtag #mondaymarriagematters so we can all see it!

On the last Tuesday of January I’m going to share (with your permission) my favorite post here on my blog!  Whitney, from  Come Home for Comfort will also be linking her blog to mine on that day so her readers can see the best picture of the month!  Will you encourage someone to join us?  You can share the picture on Facebook if you don’t use Instagram.  Marriage matters, and it’s worth celebrating!


Lastly, cold winter days beg for a warm blanket, and Liza Jane found one puddled at my feet early one morning. We celebrate those mornings we get to stay home, inside, enjoying the fire and God’s Word!  A kitty at my feet just makes it all the sweeter.

0107160628.jpgEach day is a gift.  What are you celebrating this week?  It’s all about the little things!

With a thankful heart,