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What’s Going On This Week

It always surprises me when I look back at the week to see how there seems to be a theme threaded through the events.  This past week I’d have to say the theme is “Celebrating.”  Let me explain with pictures below.

The first picture below was taken at Christmas…hence the red shoes with the green sweater.  =)  It was my attempt to be subtly Christmas-y!  This is my dad, for those who may not know.  This picture has been on my phone screen many times this week as I’ve thought about and prayed for my dad.  He had a scope done at the hospital, then things were difficult for his breathing afterwards and he ended up in ICU.  There are some special issues that need attention, so he’s still in the hospital where he’s been given a couple units of blood, oxygen and steroids.  I’m celebrating the fact that as of right now my dad is doing some better.  He was good enough to give me a call on his cell phone yesterday morning – right when I was studying the Scriptures and reading about prayer.  How good is our God?!


We got to help our son-in-law celebrate his 24th birthday this week.  Alli made him a scrumptious chocolate pie, then we played Quelf – an hysterical group game.  We laughed ourselves silly.  If you’re a little reserved, just eat a piece of chocolate pie accompanied with coffee before you play.  You’ll have enough caffeine in you that you’ll be bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm and will win!  Ask me how I know!


Last week I made a challenge about posting pictures of your attempt to make the most of your marriage.  The next picture here is one of the pictures I took one night while my husband and I had a popcorn and game date.  We had a great time enjoying our favorite snack, the fire, a fun game, and one another’s company.  We choose to celebrate our marriage – a gift from the Lord!

There were seven this Monday that posted photos on #mondaymarriagematters on Instagram.  I loved seeing your pictures and your ideas of time with your spouse!  I hope even more will join us next week.  Just snap a picture of a date with your spouse, a gesture you made to improve your relationship, or a verse that encouraged you in regard to your marriage, then use the hashtag #mondaymarriagematters so we can all see it!

On the last Tuesday of January I’m going to share (with your permission) my favorite post here on my blog!  Whitney, from  Come Home for Comfort will also be linking her blog to mine on that day so her readers can see the best picture of the month!  Will you encourage someone to join us?  You can share the picture on Facebook if you don’t use Instagram.  Marriage matters, and it’s worth celebrating!


Lastly, cold winter days beg for a warm blanket, and Liza Jane found one puddled at my feet early one morning. We celebrate those mornings we get to stay home, inside, enjoying the fire and God’s Word!  A kitty at my feet just makes it all the sweeter.

0107160628.jpgEach day is a gift.  What are you celebrating this week?  It’s all about the little things!

With a thankful heart,


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