A Perfectly Orchestrated Plan

Details. Most all women want them. Most every part of life requires them for things to run smoothly. The wedding this past weekend is a perfect example. What bride doesn’t spend a good many hours working through all the specifics of her upcoming wedding? There’s the colors, the dresses, the flowers, the cake, the music, the placement of people on the platform, the timing of when each thing will happen, the registry, the invitations and much more! Rarely does any wedding happen with all the details falling into place perfectly. If there’s not a huge glitch, there is usually at least a little one.

As I’ve been reading through the story of Christ’s birth in Matthew, I have been especially attentive to all the detail that had to be in place for the perfect Son of God to fulfill God’s perfect plan of salvation.

  • The timing was right; it was before Mary and Joseph were married. She had to be a virgin.
  • The placement of all the people was right – Mary was engaged to Joseph, who was in the line of David.
  • The location was right – Jesus was born in Bethlehem, as was prophesied.
  • The movement was right – Joseph took Mary and Jesus and fled to Egypt.

My point is that God’s plan was perfect and was fulfilled perfectly. There were no glitches. No part of God’s plan fell through. Though Satan would loved to have thwarted it, the plan of salvation was fulfilled, beginning with the perfectly orchestrated birth of God’s Son.

How thankful I am for a God who worked out every detail so I could be saved. This same God is also concerned with every detail of everything that touches my life and yours today and is able to take care of it perfectly.” Why?

“For with God, nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37

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