Isn’t it easy especially at Christmas to be focused on self? We can easily be consumed with all that we still need to do – buy, wrap, bake, write, attend, host and clean, that we become task oriented instead of people oriented.

The line of people ahead of us at the grocery store are delays while we wait instead of opportunities. The cashier is the end of our wait, instead of a person who needs the Good News that we have to share.

Our focus can even be turned so much to the small circle around us – our family – that we don’t see the opportunities that are at our fingertips. People are so needy at Christmas. Those that are hurting due to a loved ones’ death in the past year are even more desperate during the holidays. Those that are sick, or waiting on a sick loved one at the hospital, are even more lonely or anxious. Those that are financially hurting really feel the crunch now, when not only are they trying to make ends meet, but they’re also trying to come up with a little extra to purchase gifts for their families.

On Christmas Eve a few years ago, our family began going to the hospital to pass out bags of homemade Christmas goodies to the people waiting in the ICU. We go to be a blessing, and always came home having been blessed! Then that evening the girls always did a sister Christmas performance using the piano, violin, guitar, etc. That will not happen this year because Whitney has married and will be at her home for Christmas, which is as it should be! So, I’m praying about how the Lord would want to use me and my family to be a blessing to others at that time. It would be easy to say, “Things will never be the same now that Whitney’s married” and just sulk, but we would miss out on being used of the Lord. I’m looking for a new tradition to begin this year – something we could do for others – especially on Christmas Eve. It will take the focus off of changes and shine the light on others’ needs instead of my own.

So, tell me, what do you do that enables you to serve others at Christmas? Any thoughts about a new tradition we could begin? I’d love to have folks in our home in the evening, but know it’s time for others to be with their families. Hmmm…. I’m open for your good suggestions!

With love,

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