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Take the “Eeeew” Out of the Shower

When I go to a hotel, I take a look into the shower to check and make sure it’s clean.  I get the heeby-jeebies if there’s a shower curtain that looks slightly questionable.   Anyone else like that?  I’m thankful that most hotels now have the shower curtains without a liner that is replaced with each guest. Whew.



BUUUUT, What can we do about the shower at home?  We can’t replace the curtain liner every day, like the hotel does.  My method for keeping the curtain from getting to the  “eeeew” stage is to:

  1. Take the liner down about once a month and toss into a hot cycle in the washing machine.
  2. When it’s finished, shake it out a bit in the washer to get out puddles of water.
  3. Toss it into a laundry basket and take it back to its home and hang it up to dry.

When I hang the wet liner back up, its hem is clean, the soap splashes are gone, and it is even worthy of a finicky guest…me!

What are your tips to taking the “Eeeew out of the shower?

Stay refreshed,

4 thoughts on “Take the “Eeeew” Out of the Shower

  1. I do the very same thing with the shower curtain, and I throw the tub mat in at the same time, along with a couple of white towels to help scrub it clean. Cleaning the tub/shower used to be my nemesis for many years (we have VERY hard water) but with the advent of the spray-on daily shower cleaners, all that changed. I use the Tilex daily shower cleaner. Other brands may sound good or be easier to find, but they don’t work at all for me. Then, once a month, while the tub mat and shower curtain are in the washer, I clean the tub and shower by spraying on a homemade mix of Dawn and white vinegar, letting it set for a few minutes, then scrubbing. I then wipe each surface down with clear water and one of FlyLady’s purple rags. Even with our very hard water, this keeps the soap scum at bay pretty well.


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