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Family Friday – Mom’s – It Will Pass!

If you’re a parent perhaps you can remember when you brought the first child into your home, every older person probably gave you the same advice, “Enjoy them while they’re little; they grow up so fast!”  Maybe you’re struggling today with sleepless nights, potty training, disobedience, bad attitudes, lying, or rebellion and you’re having a hard time seeing the end of the Parenting Finish Line.  I just want to remind you, friend, it’s out there, and the time is clicking away.

Instead of feeling frustrated, instead of wishing away their lives, or ignoring it all by drowning it out with entertainment, social media or a job that will take you away, can I just say this – Enjoy today!  It’s a gift from God.  All that other stuff will pass, but so will the sweet times – tea parties, bath time water wars, Family fun nights, hands held around the kitchen table, good night kisses at bedtime. It will be gone.  Oh they’ll still be your kids, but those years are gone (and we need to let them go!).  So, enjoy it today while it’s all around you.

Even if those feet aren’t so little any more, if they’re still putting their feet under your table, enjoy the day and accept it as God’s gift to you, Mom!

Refresh your momma heart!

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5 thoughts on “Family Friday – Mom’s – It Will Pass!

  1. Thank you for the reminder. The Lord knew that i needed to be reminded and used your post to do just that. I have felt a little overwhelmed with all that needs to be done in our home and care for our 4 children. Thank you for your ministry through your blog.


  2. Well, that certainly brought tears and a message the Lord knew I needed. Your blog is always a place of goodness that helps me in some way. Thanks.


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