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Decorate Your Home To Show Your Love

Refreshing the decor in my home seasonally is one way I show my love for my husband.  Does that seem strange?  What I mean is I want our home to be inviting – not just to our guests, but to HIM!  I want him to feel that happy sigh when he walks in the door and finds things welcoming and comfortable.  It’s never going to be perfect, and we don’t strive for that standard.  We just want it to be a place that draws us and others in, has a cozy warmth, and extends the love of Christ to any who walk in our doors.

I recently decided to remove the Fourth of July decor from my mantle and give it a summery look.  In the wintertime our fireplace is all cozy with greenery and a warm fire glowing inside…


But for summertime, that fireplace can still be inviting and pretty without adding a fire!

I recently saw a fireplace at a lovely inn that had twinkling lights on the logs, and I knew I had to add that touch to my fireplace at home!  I love the results!

Summer mantle1

I can’t believe I never thought of this!  I have twinkling lights all over my house, but hadn’t put them in the fireplace until last month.  It’s just the perfect touch!  If I could find the kind that blink on and off, it would imitate the look of the fire, but I had these on hand and they work great!

For the mantle, I went with a little less decor.  The simplicity of the chalkboard drawing and adding some fresh greenery via the Asparagus Fern makes it feel a little more like summer, too.

summer mantle 3

I made a silk arrangement to add to the focal point and to add softness to the chalkboard.

summer mantle 4

I think the mantle will be set until early fall when it’s time to bring out the…(dare I say it?) pumpkins!

So tell me, what do you do in your home that shows your husband your love for him? 

Refresh your home for him,


12 thoughts on “Decorate Your Home To Show Your Love

  1. Your mantle is so lovely, I love the idea of the twinkling lights in the fire place, I think I might try this Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thank you, Dianna. My style has slowly evolved over the years. I feel like I’m constantly tweaking it!
      Thank you for reading my posts; I’m glad to have you stop in!!


  2. Denise, it is all very lovely. Your husband is a lucky man. I want to try the twinkling lights in the fireplace. I use candles sometimes but it takes six of them and that can get spendy.


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