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Kitchen Update and a Homemaking Tip


kitchen reno 2

There’s a project that I’ve wanted to do in my kitchen from the day we moved in.  There was no backsplash, and oh, how I knew I needed one!  Splatters from the stove, sink and electric skillet were making a non-removable mess.  We waited until the resources were available to go ahead, and the time was NOW!

I’m really pleased with the results and think it updated the kitchen and also really gave it a completed look (not that there aren’t other projects on my list!).  I’m sharing some before and after photos on my video today.

Also on my video is my way of keeping the stove and oven clean.  I admit that I have a bit of a fetish about a clean oven (ask my girls!), but to me it’s not only an important safety factor, but a clean stove top and oven help the kitchen look clean and inviting.  I often use high temps when I’m cooking and I don’t want the remaining grease and splatters getting hot.  It only takes me a matter of minutes each time I clean it out!  My tips are easy to do.

Here’s the video and pics of my kitchen update!

Is there a project you’re wanting to do in your kitchen?  It’s worth the wait!  Keep dreaming but then also praying for God to provide!

denise a


16 thoughts on “Kitchen Update and a Homemaking Tip

    1. Tammy, those are individual tiles and grout. We hired the work out because of having to cut the tiles around outlets, etc. I’m really glad we did!! They did a great job.


  1. I love it!!! It reminds me of the glossy white subway tile at Biltmore Estate; I’ve ahways admired the tile there! You kitchen is so warm and inviting.


    1. Oh, to be reminded of Biltmore in any way is a high compliment! =) I’m even more grateful for the invitation you said my kitchen gives…I extend it to you! Wouldn’t a visit over a cup of coffee (with frothy cream) be fun?!


      1. Yes, that would be fun! Maybe one day it will happen for real! Until then, I’ll enjoy your visiting your kitchen in blog land! 🏠☺️

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  2. Denise, I watched your video yesterday and enjoyed the tour of your kitchen. You put a lot of love and care into your home and it shows. Wish I could visit you there. Haha!


  3. Love your kitchen. We are in need of a full remodel in our kitchen, but plan to do a little at a time as we can afford. I am jealous of how clean our stovetop is. I am afraid that if I used a box cutter I would mess up my stove. !!


    1. Doing a little at a time makes it possible and also liveable!
      If the box cutter scares you, you could try a rubber scraper like you use on Pampered Chef stoneware. It might do a fair job as well!


      1. I will look into the pamper chief tool for sure. I am sure with a steady hand the box cutter would work for me. I had a friend tell me that is what she uses too! Enjoy your weekend.

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  4. I love the backsplash you chose! I’m glad you shared this, I’ve been wanting to do a backsplash in our space too…our kitchen has a similar wall color and darker countertops/cabinets. It was very helpful seeing how the white subway tile brightened the space up! It’s beautiful!


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