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A Mother’s Strong Influence

The following is not my post, this is from Our Daily Bread, but I was so touched as I thought of the great impact mothers have on their children’s hearts. I wanted to share it because I thought you would be encouraged by it, too.

My son, keep thy father’s commandments, and forsake not the law of thy mother.

As I read Proverbs 6:20, which refers to “the law of your mother,” I recall some of my mother’s unique “laws” that have helped me many times.

The first I call “the law of the warm kitchen.” When we got home from school on a cold winter’s day or when the holidays rolled around, the kitchen was always so warm from baking and cooking that the windows were steamed. It was also warm with a mother’s love.

A second law I call “the law of a mother’s perspective.” When I would come to her all upset over some childish matter, she would often say, “Pay no attention.” Or, “Ten years from now you’ll have forgotten all about it.” That helped me put things into perspective.

But above all was my mother’s “law of faith.” She had an unswerving trust in God that kept her strong and gentle amid fears, pressures, and sacrifices of the war years and of the 1950s.

Mom’s been with the Lord now for many years. Yet I’m still grateful for her “laws,” because they have helped me through many difficult days.

Christian mother, you too are writing “laws” for your children. Are they worth remembering? – D C Egner

That question is truly worth considering…”What ‘laws’ are you writing on the heart of your children?” Are they the kind of laws that will help and encourage them as they mature and move on in life? Your personal life has everything to do with whether or not you have anything to pass along to the next generation. Walk with God today. Let Him fill your heart with His joy, His Word and His directives.

Refresh the heart of your children with your “laws.”

4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Strong Influence

  1. Thanks for this important reminder! I loved the visual of you coming home to a warm kitchen where you mom was baking for you. Warm with a mother’s love – That is precious!


    1. Those kind of visuals are so impacting in the life of a child. I’m grateful to have such memories, and I’m certain your children will, too! I love seeing the pictures of your mommy life. Keep on pouring into them, even when it doesn’t feel it’s making an impact, because it is. 💕


  2. Wow, what sweet reminders and always so timely, Denise. ❤️ My mother was only 19 when her mother passed away and to this day, decades later, she remembers the comfort of going home to her mother’s table and being served her mother’s coffee and good food. I‘ve always remembered that (and my mother’s kitchen as well) and tried to create that for my kids to carry with them, not for my own credit, but for their own sense of security and being loved. Thank you for the reminders!


    1. Oh how hard it would be to lose your mom so young. I am so grateful for the atmosphere my mother created for us. I’m sure your children will treasure the memories and atmosphere you’re creating in your home. Most times it’s the woman who does that. It’s a great responsibility but also a wonderful blessing that the Lord helps us accomplish, isn’t it?

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