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We Lost Weight and Feel Great!

I begin this post today with a little trepidation because I was warned that if I ever shared about weight loss on my blog, I would get some hard hits and ugly comments. I’m not sure why that would be the case, but I’m confident that anyone who disagrees will do so kindly. =) I’m sharing this personal subject matter because it refreshed my husband and me in helping us feel better, and I thought it could encourage and refresh someone who may be feeling as we did early this summer. How is that? In need of taking off excess pounds.

Shepherd’s Pie

I mentioned on Monday that my husband and I decided this summer that it was time to take charge of our health. I had a high cholesterol report and we both had felt uncomfortable in our clothes and at the sight of the scale. I’m only 4’9″, so if I gain a few pounds, it looks like a lot more. We had been eating whatever we felt like, and it was beginning to show. But what to do? I had tried before to simply “watch what I eat,” to no avail. After a day or two, I’d give up and cave into my old habits, so I looked around a bit at our options…

  1. We could do one of the diets where you order their food, drink their drink and eat strange things like cauliflower everything. While I’m happy for those that are helped by these plans, this option just didn’t work well for our lifestyle. We are with people in many settings that involve food and we didn’t want to have to bring our own meal along just to accommodate a diet.
  2. We could bite the bullet and sign up for tried and true Weight Watchers. I checked out their prices and found I could initially get 3 months for around $21. I liked the fact that :
  • We could eat “normal” foods.
  • Weight Watchers would give us an amount of “points” to follow for weight loss.
  • We could track every meal on the WW app, making it super simple.
  • We could save up extra points for the times when we would be celebrating with family or friends and going a little off the diet path.
  • We could find delicious recipes not only from Weight Watchers but also other sites that tally WW points.
  • We would not be hungry because they have a long list of “Zero Point foods” that keep you snacking if you need something to eat.
  • The WW app lists tons of restaurants and the points of their menu items, making eating out a simple choice of what we could enjoy and what we needed to avoid.
  • The WW app is so easy to use and also encouraging as you use it to track your foods and also weigh in each week.

When I contacted WW to begin, they asked for my height, age, current weight and how much I wanted to lose. My goal was ten pounds; my husband wanted to take off 30. They then gave me my number of points to use each day, along with a list of Zero point foods and access to all the great recipes right on the app.

My recent post of Turkey Meatloaf in the crock pot is a WW recipe!

One benefit of having the app was that I could search for a particular food and see the point value before I indulged. It was amazing to me how high some of our “normal” foods were. Seeing the point value gave me the option of choosing to lighten up a recipe, or even have just a bite of that dessert instead of a whole piece…which, by the way, always satisfied my sweet tooth!

Here’s a photo of my app one day. I had 23 points each day. The “Weekly remaining are the “rollovers” – the points that I hadn’t used that were accumulating for a day when I might need more than the 23 points.

In three month’s time, we had both reach our goals! It came off slowly and wisely and we ate so well we never felt like we were really dieting. Oh sure, we weren’t snacking on tortilla chips at the Mexican restaurant anymore or eating sweets each day, but we had delicious and nourishing foods at every meal. I lost track of how many watermelons I purchased this summer. That was our treat with zero points!

We’re both in maintenance mode and feeling terrific. We’ve really changed the way we eat are thankful for the Weight Watchers plan that made it so easy to get on track! I’m still using the app, just to keep up with our daily points. I think it’s going to help us with the upcoming holidays and all the gatherings and wonderful foods that come with them. Again, it’s not that we won’t be indulging, but we’ll know how much to have and when to replace it with something more healthy. I’ve learned that portion control is also key. You can have that bowl of cheddar popcorn for a nighttime snack, but make it a smaller bowl. As they say, all things in moderation.

I get no kickback from my promotion of Weight Watchers, I just wanted to share it with others who might wonder how to take off unwanted pounds easily. If that’s you, I’d encourage you to at least check it out. They’re always offering start-up deals that are quite reasonable. Since your health is involved, it’s a wise investment.

If you have questions about Weight Watchers, feel free to leave it in the comments!

Some of our favorite Weight Watcher recipes:
Pork Chops with Mustard Sauce
Shepherd’s Pie
Four-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies
Smoky Tilapia Tacos

Refresh yourself by taking care of the body God gave you; it’s His temple.

17 thoughts on “We Lost Weight and Feel Great!

  1. Congratulations, Denise! I applaud your efforts and progress! Last spring, our family decided to get back on a healthy track as well. I’ve lost 12 pounds and have 5-8 more pounds to go (5 would be fine, but 8 would give me some room to enjoy Christmas goodies ☺️). You are SO right about feeling better!! Seeing your post today is motivating me to keep going and finish strong!


  2. Congratulations!! I am a big fan of weight watchers. I lost weight with them years ago and have my lifetime membership. It doesn’t really benefit me living in Japan. Thanks for sharing. I lost weight a couple years ago with Optavia. This worked well for me and my circumstances at the time. Now I am maintaining by counting calories. I really didn’t think I’d like counting the calories but I’ve gotten into the habit so it doesn’t bother me. I would love to be able to use the weight watcher app again.


    1. P. S. I am 5”1’, so I understand about a few pounds showing up. Sometimes I feel like I can hardly eat anything without having a weight gain.


    2. Thank you, Kim. We’ve really enjoyed the WW plan and have found the app so helpful. Congrats to you, too, for your loss and also the maintenance! I think that’s the hardest part! As with anything – whether it’s calorie counting or putting it in the WW app, it’s a matter of that daily discipline. It pays off, though, doesn’t it?! Yay for you!


  3. I have been following a friend on her WW journey. How do you feel about paying money to lose weight? Also, how much of a bother is it to track your points every day? Trying to decide if I want to join. Appreciate your thoughts ~ Thanks!


    1. Well, I don’t look at it as “paying money to lose weight.” I paid money for the plan, for the app, for the recipes, for the coaching and the accountability. It was so reasonable, too. If you don’t want to invest the money, you could use a free app like My Fitness Pal. I had used that in the past, but didn’t find it truly helpful. WW was a perfect fit for my husband and me. I guess each person just has to decide what it’s worth to you to lose weight, and how much help you need to accomplish that. I found it worth every penny. =)


  4. Hi Denise, Thanks for the information. I need to do something different, and didn’t consider WW, but I will now. Did you also increase your exercise?


    1. Hi Cassandra, I’m glad you’re going to check out WW. It’s a great tool! I didn’t really increase my exercise but I maintained what I normally do, which is power walk 2 miles 3 times a week and do calisthenics on the other days.


  5. Thank you for this! I’ve had success with WW in the past. My husband is joining me this time and we are looking forward to losing the weight together. Thank you for the inspiration!


    1. Becca, I’m so glad this inspired you! It’s so helpful when both the husband and wife work together on health issues! I trust that you will be feeling great in a matter of months!


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