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What Christmas 2020 Looked Like

Happy New Year, friends! I’ll save my New Year’s post for next week, because I can’t wait to share some favorite pics from Christmas! Instagram has a Top Nine Best Photos of the year. I’m going to share nine favorite Christmas photos from this year instead! There were just so many special moments that I don’t want to forget!

On Christmas Eve in 1980, my boyfriend asked me to marry him, and now we’re celebrating 40 Christmas’s together!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we were blessed to have ALL of our immediate family together for the holiday. I think we each tried to squeeze everything we could out every minute of being together…getting caught up on conversations, asking questions of things we’d missed out on, and just loving being in person! I love this picture of Dale and Whitney. This was at Christmas brunch, enjoyed at our younger daughter and son-in-law’s.

Sisters, sisters, there were truly never no more devoted sisters!

When you’re decorating cookies and GREEN SPRINKLES are your favorite, a careful peek into the bottom of the container is necessary to ensure you have enough to finish your special cookie design!

We always have a time of Scripture reading and carols before we open gifts. Whitney was our pianist and Alli accompanied on her violin. I snapped this picture of Paul and Whintey while Dale was reading our Bible passage. If you don’t follow Whitney’s blog, you’re missing out on a ton of helpful organization, practical Dollar Tree tips and deep spiritual encouragement!

Meanwhile in the other part of the room, Alli and Andrew were wrangling little boys who were very anxious to get to the PRESENTS!

I kept things less decorated this year, but I definitely still felt all the “warm-cozy” vibes of this time of the year! We enjoy our fireplaces so very much on these dark, cold days, and so does Liza!

One of the best surprises was the SNOW we got on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas Day! How kind of the Lord to give us a white Christmas that just added to the beauty of celebrating our Savior’s birth! This is the front yard…

And here is the backyard…

I look forward to 2021 and all the Lord has in store for me…and you! Thanks for making my blog a part of your day! I truly appreciate those of you who read and refresh me by doing so!

Which of my nine photos is your favorite?

Happiest of New Years!

6 thoughts on “What Christmas 2020 Looked Like

  1. I love all of them. You have a beautiful family. But the one of you and your “boyfriend” is very special. Congratulations on more than 40 years together.


  2. Dear Denise,

    I have enjoyed visiting your ‘little space’ for awhile now. This is my first time to comment. You have a beautiful family and a warm and welcoming home. Our thoughts are much the same … Faith … Family … Friends and of course tending to our homes.

    We enjoyed Christmas Day with our son and ‘daughter’ … good food and good family time. We have so much to be thankful for.

    Wishing you and your family a blessed New Year.

    Homespun Hugs, Teri


    1. Teri, thank you for introducing yourself to me! I’m honored that you would stop to read my blog. So glad you had time with your family this Christmas! We can’t take that for granted, can we?! I trust that 2021 will be filled with blessings as you seek the Lord’s face in your family and your homespun home.


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