Biblical Womanhood · Godly Character Traits

Being a Woman of Godly Character

Have you ever been in the presence of a woman who was not caught up with herself, but was genuinely concerned for needs of those with whom she was spending her time? She cares. She notices. She is different. Why? She is a woman of godly character.

What can make the difference in the way we act, speak and respond as a Christian woman? It’s that we, too, have the ability to live a life of godly character. In short, we are image-bearers of our holy God. We are to reflect His nature. We will never be omnipresent (though others may think we can be!). We’ll never be omniscient or immutable on this side of heaven. However, there are many character traits of God that we can possess. The question is, are we availing ourselves to the power of God and being Spirit filled each day so that we can be that kind of woman in our world?

Today’s podcast is the first in a series on Being a Woman of Godly character. You can listen here. I fall so short of many of these attributes and it’s so good to see these displayed in God’s Word, then meditate and pray that the Lord will develop this kind of character in me. The first trait on today’s episode is ATTENTIVENESS. In today’s society that is absorbed in cell phones and “Me Time,” it can be easy to overlook others. Listen and learn how you can display this attribute in your world today.

How have you seen attentiveness displayed around you?

Refresh others by living a life of attentiveness.

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