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Refresh Your Porches for Spring

Front porch 1.jpg

It’s springtime!! Woo hoo!! It’s time to clean off the porches so they’re ready to greet your family and friends.  After a long winter, they need some good overhaul to be fresh and inviting!  Here’s what I do:

  1. Sweep off the whole area – porch, steps, and driveway.
  2. Dust the corners, and wipe down any furniture on the porch.
  3. Clean the glass door with glass cleaner. Do it when the sun isn’t shining on it – that will help prevent streaks.
  4. Look at your door mat.  If it looks weary, tired and dirty, replace it with a fresh, spring-y rug.
  5. Add a spring wreath.
  6. Add a little touch of something green.
  7. Add a garden flag or stepping stone


One thing I love to do in spring and summer is walk through the garden area at Lowe’s!  I get so excited about adding flowers, herbs and all things green to my yard when it turns warm!  Though it is the time to get the front porch in shape, NOW is NOT the time to add annuals because we’re still dealing with dipping temperatures.

Remember that even if you don’t come in your front door, that’s what your guests will see first, so let it give them a grand welcome!

What will you do to make your porch inviting?

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Pre-Spring Coffee Table Decor

Just a few pictures for today’s post about Pre-spring decor…

How can you get your house a little ready for spring?  It’s too early for tulips or bunny rabbits, but you have to change the decor from Valentine’s Day, right?

  1. First, go through the house looking for all the traces of hearts (or evergreen still lingering from Christmas!).  I used to leave my snowmen out for the winter months, but if you have any out they could be removed, if you’re wanting to prep your home for spring that will come!
  2. Find any florals you have that are greens.  These will work great!
  3. Look for colorful additions you could put out in the form of vases, candles, or even magazines.

Here’s my attempt at a little pre-spring decoration for the coffee tables…

I love the colors of the jars, and they add enough touch of a spring colored sky!
Scrabble tiles are always a way to speak your heart!  The little bird in its cage is a perfect addition to the phrase!


My family room coffee table – I like to add old magazines that I’ve saved.  I can flip through and get inspiration for when it is time to get out all things spring!


A candle that has a spring fragrance makes the house smell like spring, even if you still have snow outside!
Silk herbs are a great in-between seasons floral!

There are a few ideas for you.  I’m going to be adding a wreath on the front door soon that will help anticipate birds and daffodils!  Is that a robin outside my window?!  Woohoo!

Anyone else waiting for spring?


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Simple Christmas Decor In My Kitchen

Happy December, y’all!  I’m in full decorating mode and almost finished!!

I shared with a friend that I was decorating, and she lamented that she didn’t really have places to put decorations because their home is filled with people, rather than furniture (which is a really great thing!).  As I thought about her statement, I thought that there are lots of ways to add Christmas decor or touches that don’t require lots of space.  Let me show you a few pictures of my kitchen and I think you’ll see what I mean.



I added a small basket of ornaments on my cookbooks that I use as a platform for my lamp.  Just a simple ornament tied to a lamp, doorknob, or coat hook adds a touch of Christmas!  That picture has a sheet of metal in the frame so I can use it as a magnetic board.  I change out the picture with the seasons, using an old Susan Branch calendar.

Christmas cabinet.jpg

If you have open cabinetry, it’s the perfect home for Christmas decor!  I don’t have a lot above my cabinets, but every Christmas I put these blocks up on top. I made mine at our church’s Pinterest party a few years ago by simply free-handing the letters and Christmas tree on the blocks.



The wreath above is hanging on my pantry door.  I added fruits, pine cones and a cookie cutter.  You could add a wreath to any room or door inside or outside without taking up one inch of needed space!

Christmas buffet.jpg


This table is in my dining room.   I’m still working on this space, but as seen in the things I edited onto my photo,like a little greenery, or seasonal cups and saucers, the room looks ready for Christmas!


Lastly, making your home smell like Christmas is another way to create the holiday atmosphere in your home without taking up much space at all.  A plug-in fragrance, a candle, potpourri or simmering pot of citrus and cinnamon would all be great.  My sweet neighbor brought me this Yankee candle, and if you want your house to smell amazing, you need one of these!  This is Iced Gingerbread.  (Right now you can buy one large candle and get one FREE!)

All of my decor are just simple touches – nothing elaborate at all.  Refreshing your home for Christmas can be minimal, yet make your home special for your family.

If you need some other ideas for decorations that don’t require much space, here are a few more ideas…

  • Candy canes in your current decor – baskets floral containers, or a glass jar.
  • Holiday linens – Place mats, tablecloths, napkins, dish towels
  • Slipcover couch pillows with Christmas/winter slipcovers.



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  • Make a pinecone garland to hang anywhere – you don’t have to have a mantle!
  • Print off free printables.  Frame and hang!

25 free Christmas printable:

Have you started your decorating for Christmas?  What’s your favorite way to add a touch of Christmas to your kitchen?

Each week in December I’ll be posting ideas to help you simplify Christmas.  The next post will be on Wednesday in the form of a video.  I hope you’ll stop in to hear the six ideas I’ll be sharing!

Stay refreshed,

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Hand-Sewn Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

fabric pumpkina

When I attended the Ladies’ retreat at Wolf Mountain camp this month, I got to participate in their fun Craft time!  Woo-Hoo!  They were making a couple crafts, one being the adorable fabric pumpkin pictured here.  It was made in about 30 minutes and was super easy to do.    I chose a paisley fabric for mine, which I thought was so cute.  A soft velour would be nice, too.  Let me walk you through the simple steps.

You’ll need:

  • A rectangular piece of fabric
  • Thread and needle
  • Twine
  • Pillow Stuffing
  • Paper bag for stem


  1. Turn right sides of the fabric together and stitch up the side seams.  I’ve drawn it on white paper to give you an example.  The right side is the folded edge, the left is open.
  2. Turn fabric right side out and make long basting stitch all the way around the top, leaving a long thread in which to pull and gather the top of the pumpkin closed in a minute. (You’re not sewing the two pieces shut, you’re sewing on one piece of fabric all the way around your circle, so you can gather it and stuff the inside.)
  3. Pull the thread a little to cause the fabric to gather and make an opening.  Fill the pumpkin as full as you possibly can with the filling.
  4. Pull the threads around the top to close the pumpkin.  Gather the fabric at the top and leave as little bit of the fabric on top as possible – about 1/2 inch.  Sew or tie the top closed. You could even close it with a rubberband; it will be covered.
  5. Using the paper bag, cut off a piece, about 4′ x 8-10″ and twist into pumpkin stem shape.  Using hot glue, attach to the top of the pumpkin.
  6. Take a long string of twine and starting at the top, leave about two inches, then wrap it vertically around the pumpkin to give it its shape, ending at the top.  Wrap pieces of twine around the paper stem.  Attach with hot glue, or tie off.
  7. I added extra twine around the whole stem, as you can see in the picture below. You can cut out a leaf shape from a contrasting fabric and attach it with hot glue as well.
I also added little “tendrils” of twine to the top. You could add a little Spanish moss instead. Just be creative and use what you have. Raffia is another possibility.

Wouldn’t it be cute to have several sizes and coordinating fabrics?  I’ll add to my collection, I’m sure.  I hope you’ll making one of these – they’re so easy and lots of fun!

One another note – We’re having a Men’s Conference at our church starting tonight.  You can go here and see times of the services. We’d love to have your husband, sons, brothers or friends if you live in our area!  It’s going to be a wonderful time in God’s Word where men will be challenged to be mighty men of God! What woman wouldn’t want her husband to attend that?  Let’s be praying for them as they attend!

Stay refreshed,



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Fall Favorites

Did you know that tomorrow, September 23, is the First Day of Autumn?  My daughter, Whitney has a birthday today and it often falls on the first day of fall, her favorite season!  She’s my favorite first-born.  =)  Would you pop over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday today?

As I mentioned here, I like to slowly bring the fall decor into my home.  The Lord, the Creator of the seasons, brings autumn in gradually, until one day we wake up and find that the seasons have changed.

I looked through summer’s window
and was so surprised to see,
Autumnal hues and colors
were peeking back in at me.
—Denise Cunningham

Isn’t that the way it seems? One day we look out and realize that fall has slowly enveloped us!
In honor of this new season, I’ve gone through and pulled out some of my favorite autumn decor from the past years.  Hope this inspires you a little…now that Fall is almost officially here!
I love these little pumpkins and the pop of color they give to the dining room’s turquoise.

The entryway table…

Of course, you have to add some fall touches to the outside of your porch, too!

Throw a cat in there, too, it gives an added special touch!

On the first chilly morning, we love to pull the kitchen table over to the fireplace for a cozy spot for breakfast!

Here are a few from my “old” house…

The Scrabble board set up with fall words…

Then a little twist on a fall wreath…
Find the instructions here

It seems everyone is buzzing about fall this year.  Are you on that bandwagon, or are you sad to see summer go?