Chalkboard Pantry Door

Pantry Chalkboard.jpg

Maybe I love chalkboards so much because I taught school, I don’t know, but I do love them in every shape and fashion!  I have them in several places in my home, but I recently saw a place for a chalkboard that made my jaw drop…it was painted on the pantry door!  “How cute is that?” I thought. I decided then and there that I’d use my leftover chalkboard paint to create that in my kitchen.

But when I got to thinking about putting paint on that vinyl door, it made me wonder what I’d do when the chalkboard love had waned in my heart?  What would I do about that paint?  Another creative thought jumped in and I remembered seeing chalkboard vinyl that could easily be added or removed from a door!!!  This was my answer!

After much searching, I found just what I needed at Hobby Lobby (where else? I should have started there!).  So let me show you the simple process:

The before and after shots:

The vinyl has a grid on the back, making it super easy to cut a straight line, thank the Lord!  Try as I might, my lines wiggle all over the place without those patterns to guide me!  So I measured the width and the length and cut it accordingly.

pantry chalkboard vinyl

Then I took the vinyl with the backing still on it, and starting from the top, I placed the sticky part down,then slowly pulled the backing away, smoothing as I went.  This product went on super well.  It was easy to pull it off and straighten it, or push out any air bubbles,

pantry chalkboard process

Here’s the finished project without any writing on it – all ready for my chalk!!  Woohoo!  It took me 15 minutes to do this!  It doesn’t get any easier.   It’s sticking really well and hasn’t pulled away, but when I am tired of it, it pulls right off. I tested it to be sure!

pantry chalboard plain

I wrote our Easter Menu on the board for the weekend, but…

Pantry Chalkboard a

it already has a new look on it!  I anticipate changing it out weekly!  Why?  Because I love chalkboards!!

pantry chalboard drawing.jpg

But wait, here’s another fun use for the vinyl!  Have you ever used the last of your cinnamon and forgotten to add that to your grocery list? Then the next time you go to make cookies you remember you’re out of  it?  Me too!  So I also added a small piece of the vinyl inside my spice cupboard so I could remember the ones I needed to purchase and also which ones were stored away in the pantry.


Not only was this project fast, it was also very inexpensive!  I used my 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby and purchased this for less than $5.  I didn’t even use the whole roll, which means two things:

  1. It cost me around $3 to do this fun project!
  2. I have more chalkboard vinyl to add to other places in my house!!!  Hurries off to find a place to use that leftover vinyl…

Do you have chalkboards in your house?  How do you use them?

Refresh your home with a cute chalkboard!

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Freshen Up Friday

During this week of all our wintry weather, I got an email from a store in our area ~ Gracious Designs. They were inviting customers to their store so they might turn their home and thoughts from winter to spring.  My thoughts are definitely there!  How about yours?

I guess it’s no surprise that we’re all anxious for some sunshine, warm temperatures, and flowers!

Even my chalkboard and mantle have spring fever!
I drew this the day before we got six more inches of snow!



As I suggested earlier this week, we can still think about spring, even if it will be a while before it arrives!  I went to my Pinterest board for a little inspiritation for the inside of my house.  I am hoping to make this adorable wreath for my Apricot-colored front door…


 How cute is that?!

I’m also planning on doing this little craft from Better Homes and Gardens…

Use paint chips to create cute Easter art! See more Easter crafts that are perfect for kids:

You use paint strips from the hardware store to make the eggs.  I’ll be shopping for paint for my dining room, so I’ll use the colors I find for it, then it will also blend into the room’s decor!  Ahhh, I can’t wait!

So along with my longing for spring, my shopping list is also growing.  But when spring arrives, I’ll have several adorable projects under my belt!

What projects are you working on while you’re waiting for spring to arrive?

Stay refreshed!  The best way to do that is to attend a Bible-preaching church on Sunday!

With prayers for a wonderful weekend,