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Reuben Sandwiches Done Light(er)

Reuben 2a

I love a good Reuben Sandwich at a restaurant, but I’ve seldom ever made one at home.  First, the Corned Beef is expensive at the grocery store.  Second, the calories are even higher!  But when a generous man at our church shared his homemade sauerkraut with us (again!) I kept thinking about how good a Reuben Sandwich would taste using that freshly made kraut!

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(L)ovin’ Monday

Every Monday I’m showing you what’s been in my Oven that I’m lovin’!  Ready?


This was Thanksgiving Dinner at my mom’s last Thursday at 1:00.  Don’t you wish every day’s lunch looked like this…


Ha, well, maybe not that  much food, but tell me, is it just me, or do others find lunch a difficulty?  I’m usually well into a busy day and just need a quick bite to eat, but I find it hard to stop my day and fix something that’s tasty and quick.

As a matter of fact, even breakfast poses problems.  I’m not ready to eat when I first get up, and by the time I’m ready for a bite, it’s too late to want to get into any big cooking ordeal to accomplish what I need to give me energy for the rest of the morning!

Recently I prepared these Make-Ahead Omelets and froze them.  I made tiny ones for the shower I hosted.  I took the leftovers and froze them in a plastic container, putting sheets of waxed paper in between the rows of omelets.



Then I popped a frozen muffin into the microwave and it made the perfect breakfast!  In a matter of about 4 minutes everything was hot and ready to eat.  That’s better than instant oatmeal – and a lot tastier!


Then another help came for lunch.  I had made Sloppy Joe’s for our meal after Sunday night church, and had plenty left over.  Wrapping them individually in waxed paper, I warmed them at about 80% power for about 45 seconds.

It dawned on me then – why don’t I make up something like this at the beginning of each week and have it prepared in the fridge?  Lunch could be less than a minute away each day!  If you take your lunch to work, it would be so easy to have it packed and ready in the morning before you head out the door.

I’ve come up with a few ideas of things that would be made ahead and ready.  Here’s my starter list:




Baked  Oatmeal


Sloppy Joes

Broccoli Soup

Salad in a jar – Like this one (I haven’t made this particular recipe, but I made one similar and they are great do-ahead salads!)

Chicken Salad – Ready for sandwiches, or to eat alone.


I hope this encourages you to prepare ahead for your busy mornings and lunchtimes.  When you’re heading into Christmas, why not take away a little stress by having some nutritious breakfasts and lunches all ready to serve?

What quick tips do you have for breakfast and lunch?

With love from my country kitchen,


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Inspiring Young Chefs

Recently while at my parents’ house, I saw that my dad had purchased these …

This is a “Toasta Bag” used for toasting grilled cheese sandwiches in the toaster.  What?  I used it one day to make a sandwich at lunch.  It was such a neat little tool that I had to share it with you!  If you have a child who is learning to “cook,” but you can’t unleash them to use the stove yet, this is a perfect starter!

To make the sandwich,

  • Butter a piece of bread
  • Placed cheese on top
  • Put another piece of bread over the cheese
  • Butter both sides of the outside of the sandwich
  • Slip into the Bag
  • Pop into toaster until the sandwich is browned
  • Done!!!


My dad found this at Kroger.  I’m sure Walmart would carry them.  You wash the bag and reuse them over and over.  The box said you could reheat things like french fries in them, too.  We didn’t try that, but why not?  Get creative and do a

  • Toasted Peanut butter sandwich
  • Ham and Cheese
  • Turkey and Tomato
  • Grilled chicken and Cheese

The possibilities are endless.  Let your child get creative and become a chef in their own rights!

Has anyone else used these bags?  They’re genius!

Stay refreshed!