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Friday Favorites

My week has been full…full of activities and blessings!


It started on Friday night when women gathered to join the True Woman Conference Simulcast – Cry Out!  We spent three hours at church reading Scripture, worshiping, and praying.  Those hours went by incredibly fast because we were so caught up in the splendor of our Savior! We are planning a five-week prayer time so that this won’t be a Moment, but a Movement!    We will be meeting up until the time of election on November 8th.  Will you join us?  We need to be praying for our nation!!



I went to our local library this week – something I hadn’t done in a long time.  I LOVE THE LIBRARY!  There’s just something about picking up books, leafing through, reading a little, and then tucking a special treasure under your arm and taking it home for a couple of weeks!  I brought home a favorite – a Gooseberry Cookbook for a little inspiration for a party I’m hosting this weekend.  Their books are full of seasonal recipes and great ideas!  Who owns one or more of their books?


I grew up going to Pioneer Girls.  Now it’s a club for boys and girls – Pioneer Club.  I get to help teach the first and second graders, and last Wednesday they were mesmerized with Miss Sharon’s story of a puppy who didn’t want to obey.  We’ve been leaning about God’s gift of the family and the importance of obeying their parents. I think they all went away with the understanding that fences (rules) keep us safe.  Great job, Sharon!  Are you serving in your church?  What do you do to share the Gospel with others?


I got to bake French Bread loaves for an Autumn supper I’m hosting for our Apples of Gold gals.  These loaves will accompany a harvest salad and three kinds of soups!  I’m making Cream of Wild Rice & Chicken Soup and two others are bringing Beef with Barley and Potato.  It’s supposed to get really chilly this weekend, so this soup menu will be perfect!  I’m also making Texas Sheet Cake and Pumpkin Crunch Cake for dessert.  These are both great cakes, but the Pumpkin Crunch…oh wow!  I’m hoping we can have a fire in the fire pit and enjoy the patio in the evening!  What have you baked this week?


Yesterday I had the joy of praying with friends.  One had a birthday and we gave her the gift of our prayers.  There were tears, of course, but we had the sweetest time together!  What better thing to do when you gather with friends?  We could talk all day long, but talking to the Lord about our friends is the best conversation!  Who needs you to stop and pray with them today?

That was my week!  I’d love for you to answer one of my questions and tell me about your week!

Stay refreshed,


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. My week contained many of the same things yours did–the Cry Out! prayer time (which was so wonderful!), Apples of Gold last night, and lots of baking. One of the apples from our group brought the pumpkin crunch cake last night and it was delicious. I made a ginger pumpkin pie (it has a gingersnap topping). We had the DELICIOUS cream of wild rice soup with popovers and a spinach salad with apples, pecans, and feta cheese with a maple vinaigrette. Praying you all have a sweet gathering together.


    1. How many times has that happened…same experiences, same menu…same everything? =) The salad I’m making is almost identical to yours, too! Wish I could’ve popped in for your last AOG!


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