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Family Friday – Family Time


Family Time.

Mother-Daughter Time

Mother-Son Time

Date night

Conversation time

We all want to spend time with our family, but we’re so busy with everything else going on in our world, how do we do it?

How do we respond when so many others need/want our moments, hours and days, yet we long for more time with our husband?  More time pouring into our children?  Here are some points to ponder when you consider how yo will spend your days:

  1. Establish an eternal perspective.  How will this decision effect eternity?  If it won’t, then is it pressing right now or should I do something else?
  2. Remember when you say “yes” to someone, you’re saying “no” to someone else. Who should I be saying “no” to?  Is this person in my priority order?
  3. Respond to each opportunity on the basis of how it will affect your ability to fulfill your current obligations. Will doing this make it more difficult to do what I have to get done today?  Will doing this help me accomplish what is before me?
  4. Try to do only the right things for the right reasons at the right times in the right seasons.

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Now, how will you spend TIME with your family this weekend?  Perhaps you should start by asking yourself these four questions, then make decisions about what you will/should do!

Your family opportunities won’t be there forever! Grab them while you can!

Refresh your family time,

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4 thoughts on “Family Friday – Family Time

  1. Dear Mrs. Denise! I love that quote about having time but not wasting it. One thing I try to incorporate into my calendar is every Saturday is devoted to a particular grouping of our family. Every other Saturday is Family Night. Tomorrow night my husband, two youngest daughters and myself will be together in our home eating meatball subs (I try to make sure it’s a meal that is teen-friendly) with chips and french onion dip. We will be playing whatever games my youngest daughter wants to play. My other daughter isn’t up to games but she will sit with us while we play. It’s hard having game night for that very reason but my youngest LOVES to play games so I try to put that on the schedule every so often. However, my other daughter is making a pan of her famous fudgy brownies for dessert. Yummo! When it’s not family night, we rotate Date Night with just my husband and me with Double Date Night with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. I am hoping to rotate into that as well with my oldest daughter and her fiance. It is hard though on date nights because I know my daughters who are still living at home want to go everywhere with us! I am thrilled they love to hang out with us but my husband and I can’t really connect when they are there. Just last night I mentioned a restaurant for date night and the girls were like…ummmm we could do family night there too…lol It’s hard finding a balance. But it’s sure worth it if you can. 🙂 Have a glorious day!


  2. Our church’s theme this year is “Living With Eternity in Mind.” Your first point fits that theme perfectly! These are excellent suggestions for acting on our priorities, rather than just giving lip-service to them! Thanks!


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