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Organization and Embellishing Stack-able Drawers

I hate clutter in my house. I like everything to be put away, however, I have a hard time keeping the hidden places in my house straightened up.  Places like drawers and closets are just hard for me!  I stepped into my pantry and my bedroom closet this week and decided I didn’t like the way they looked.  I’ve never had a walk-in pantry or walk-in closet before, and I am determined to make these spaces not only function well, but also be pretty!

I have a set of stack-able drawers in my closet for belts, socks, etc.  Because the drawers are clear, it looked messy.  So, I took scrapbook paper and lined the front of each drawer with coordinating patterns and colors to give it a neater look.

I have a small table in my closet to hold my jewelry organizers.  I have two necklace trees to keep chains from getting tangled.  I love my earring picture holder my dad made me.  It keeps the fish hook earrings in perfect view!

 I also have a tackle box for earrings and bracelets.  This box is great for travel!

Now on to the pantry ~  I had one little area that needed attention.  I have quite a collection of aprons and just had them hooked through one of my pantry shelves.  They hung on the floor and looked messy.  Soooo, I found a cute little hook at TJ Maxx for $8.  It is perfect to keep the aprons within reach and looking lovely!

Do you have some hidden spaces that need some organization?  Attack one or two spaces this week. If you’re like me, you’ll be happy about walking into or opening that space after you’ve done some straightening!

Refresh by organizing,


A Peek From My Porch

I have really creative daughters, and since I birthed them, I like to lay claim on those talents!

When Whitney, aka, Come Home for Comfort was visiting me last weekend, my unorganized linen closet, and her wonderful ability to turn clutter to calm  came to mind!  After I whined told her about my mess, she happily agreed to give it her best and get things in order.  Here’s a little (embarrassing)  peek at the before…

blogging March 206a

When Whitney saw my disorganized space, her nice way of agreeing that it needed attention was to say, “Well, at least nothing is falling out on your head!”  =)  She was right – that was about the only positive thing about my closet!

She did her magic, and the results are so nice, I look for excuses to open those doors and stare inside!  If you want to see how she transformed this area, continue reading by clicking here!

When you go to her blog, you’ll see how good she is and why I tap into her abilities!  Thanks for stopping by for a peek! What do think of my closet space now?!

With love from my country porch,