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Family Friday – Marriage Advice from Two Seasoned Marriages

This week I have had the blessing of spending a few days in Kentucky with my parents.  Family time is always a blessing – even if it includes being here with them during a time of physical issues and tests, like this visit. I also got to see my twin sister and her husband – an added blessing!  We always end up having many long conversations – in the library, in the sun room, around the table at mealtimes and in the living room while we rest comfortably in their lovely and restful home.

Last night I asked questions to each of my parents, my sister and my brother-in-law after we finished supper.  I was thinking about the longevity demonstrated  in the marriages in that room.  My parents are approaching 62 years, my sister and her husband, nearly 39.  My question to each of them was,

What is one piece of advice you would give to married couples to help their marriage endure?


Here’s what they said,

Mom ~ “To young married couples, I would say to move away from your parents for at least the first year.  That way if something comes up between you two, you can’t go running home – you have to work it out together.
To  all marriages, I would say something that my mother told me – ‘Never make your children the center of your marriage, because if you do, when they leave home, you’ll be strangers to one another.'”


Dad ~ “Each of you have to give 100%.  You can’t do what you think is ‘your part’ and think you’ve done enough.  Each has to give 100%.”

Jeff ~  “Learn to laugh and have fun.  Don’t take yourselves too seriously.  Remember, too, that you’ve made a covenant with God to stay together for life.”


Dianne ~ Leave your parents and cleave to your mate!  Also out-serve one another.  Rather than wishing he would do this or that, do for him.  Pray for one another!

That’s some good advice!  There’s lots more that all of them could add, but I just asked for one top thing they would tell marriages in order to go the long haul!

Which one of these comments struck a chord in your heart?  Why not ask the Lord to help you implement that characteristic into your marriage beginning today?

Refresh your marriage,

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