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Cozy Christmas 2018 Invitation


Years (and years) ago when I went away to college, I’ll never forget coming home for Christmas break after my first semester.  We lived out in the country on five acres and I can remember the warmth that pervaded our home even from the driveway as I approached the house.  When I stepped inside, the fire was burning, music was playing, the lights were lit and low, my mom had the best foods prepared, and best of all, my Continue reading “Cozy Christmas 2018 Invitation”

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Dazzling Ideas for the Holidays

Every now and again I get a good idea! I thought I would share three of those with you today that might help your holiday, too!

1. I keep two of those “under-bed-storage” boxes filled with my wrapping paper, ribbon, bows and tape. The other day while wrapping gifts on the floor, I realized that the top of one of those boxes would be the perfect place to lay the package and wrap it. I placed a fabric cutting guide on top to make it a flat surface, and it made it the perfect “table” for gift wrapping. So not only is this the place that is the central location for all of my materials, it is also the wrapping station!


2.  I love the Wet and Wild nail polish, especially the mega last. I love it because it REALLY does last! I recently bought a glittery nail polish for the holidays, because Christmas and New Year’s need a little glitter!

  • wp-1482241618399.jpg

I layered the glitter over the color just to add a little sparkle. It was just enough without looking over the top. If you’re looking for a way to dazzle up your look a little, add some sparkle in your nail polish! It’s a fun addition!
The colors shown here are:  (the one in the back) Undercover – I love it because it goes with pinks or reds.  The Glitter doesn’t have a color, the only thing on the bottle is “Shine,” but the bar code is 77802 54803.


3.  My last idea was concerning decorating my bedroom mantle. I didn’t want greenery and all that kind of Christmas decor, but just some winter touches. I changed it, then changed it again, and then again. I think I finally have it in a way I love. Here’s what made a difference –


  • Grouping my Willow Tree collection together on one end. If you scatter a collection, they get lost; grouping them together shows off their beauty.
  • Adding a pop of red also gives the mantle that effect. It needed something on that end, and red roses are perfect for Christmas!
  • If something doesn’t look right in your decor, keep “fluffing” until you love it. Group like things together, let the heights vary so your eye moves up and down. Add a pop of color.
  • Oh, and add a cat in the room and it will ALWAYS be the perfect touch!  =^..^=

I hope one of my “dazzling ideas” inspired you! I’d love to hear if they did! Now carry on with your Christmas preparations!

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My Simple Christmas Home Decor

Christmas mantle 1.jpg

Welcome!  Today I’m inviting you to step inside and take a tour of my Christmas decor.  I’ve really taken the “simple” route with this part of my Christmas.  I do have touches of Christmas throughout my home, but it’s definitely not done in “Biltmore Style!”  A little here and a little there is pretty much what you’ll see.

With no further ado, come on inside!


The bench in my foyer is decorated with a fur muff and wool scarf.  The basket beneath is full of gloves and ear muffs.  They’re easy to grab on the way out the door!


Our tree is upstairs in our family room and can be seen from the street as it stands in a front window.



The dining area – The red chargers and napkins along with my $3 Target Dollar Spot runner add all the Christmas I needed!  I drew a Christmas tree on my chalkboard, using the words to a favorite carol.


One guest room –

This room is the perfect color scheme for Christmas decor!



In my sewing/guest room I added old photos and some Christmas greetings on the bulletin board over my work table.


These little Pinterest inspired snow globes add a tiny touch of winter to the guest room. The sweater cover for the vase was also inspired by Pinterest.  Old sweaters are great craft supplies!


In my laundry room I added a new calendar that I received as a Christmas gift (I love 13 -month calendars!), along with a light-up snowman.  He makes a great night light!


I love adding small touches of Christmas throughout my house.  I enjoy the lights, the softness and the warmth the decorations bring.  Many of the things I’ve added are items that can be left up through January.  When the outside is cold and bare, I can still have the warmth of the lights, throws, textures and candles.

It would be such a waste for us to spend so much time decorating and then never invite friends, neighbors or needy people in.  This is probably the easiest time of the year to entertain because our homes are probably the most decorated and lovely than at any other time of the year!  But isn’t it easy to feel overwhelmed and too tired?  It’s easier to tuck in and forget that others could feel loved and really blessed to be invited into our home.  I’ve had some folks in already, and have a neighborhood party planned in the next week, and honestly, though it can be tiring, it’s such a blessing!  Let’s open our hearts and our homes and share the warmth of not only our decor, but the love of our Savior, whose birth we are celebrating!!

How are you planning to use your decorated home to share the love of Christ?

Thanks for stopping in for a visit!

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Simple Christmas Decor In My Kitchen

Happy December, y’all!  I’m in full decorating mode and almost finished!!

I shared with a friend that I was decorating, and she lamented that she didn’t really have places to put decorations because their home is filled with people, rather than furniture (which is a really great thing!).  As I thought about her statement, I thought that there are lots of ways to add Christmas decor or touches that don’t require lots of space.  Let me show you a few pictures of my kitchen and I think you’ll see what I mean.



I added a small basket of ornaments on my cookbooks that I use as a platform for my lamp.  Just a simple ornament tied to a lamp, doorknob, or coat hook adds a touch of Christmas!  That picture has a sheet of metal in the frame so I can use it as a magnetic board.  I change out the picture with the seasons, using an old Susan Branch calendar.

Christmas cabinet.jpg

If you have open cabinetry, it’s the perfect home for Christmas decor!  I don’t have a lot above my cabinets, but every Christmas I put these blocks up on top. I made mine at our church’s Pinterest party a few years ago by simply free-handing the letters and Christmas tree on the blocks.



The wreath above is hanging on my pantry door.  I added fruits, pine cones and a cookie cutter.  You could add a wreath to any room or door inside or outside without taking up one inch of needed space!

Christmas buffet.jpg


This table is in my dining room.   I’m still working on this space, but as seen in the things I edited onto my photo,like a little greenery, or seasonal cups and saucers, the room looks ready for Christmas!


Lastly, making your home smell like Christmas is another way to create the holiday atmosphere in your home without taking up much space at all.  A plug-in fragrance, a candle, potpourri or simmering pot of citrus and cinnamon would all be great.  My sweet neighbor brought me this Yankee candle, and if you want your house to smell amazing, you need one of these!  This is Iced Gingerbread.  (Right now you can buy one large candle and get one FREE!)

All of my decor are just simple touches – nothing elaborate at all.  Refreshing your home for Christmas can be minimal, yet make your home special for your family.

If you need some other ideas for decorations that don’t require much space, here are a few more ideas…

  • Candy canes in your current decor – baskets floral containers, or a glass jar.
  • Holiday linens – Place mats, tablecloths, napkins, dish towels
  • Slipcover couch pillows with Christmas/winter slipcovers.



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  • Make a pinecone garland to hang anywhere – you don’t have to have a mantle!
  • Print off free printables.  Frame and hang!

25 free Christmas printable:

Have you started your decorating for Christmas?  What’s your favorite way to add a touch of Christmas to your kitchen?

Each week in December I’ll be posting ideas to help you simplify Christmas.  The next post will be on Wednesday in the form of a video.  I hope you’ll stop in to hear the six ideas I’ll be sharing!

Stay refreshed,

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Home Christmas Decor 2015

I would categorize my Christmas decor as “Down Home” or “Traditional.” I don’t have a color-schemed tree, or florist-created centerpieces for my tables.  I use what I have collected over the years and we love it.  It’s unpretentious, and simple.  It makes my heart smile. I hope it will make yours smile, too as you take a look around today.

Our Christmas tree is in our family room, upstairs.  You can see it from the street because the window is on the front of the house.  Our ornaments (and we have a BUNCH!) are ones we’ve collected over the years from family, friends and on vacations.  Each one brings a special memory of the giver or the place we purchased it.  Decorating the tree is like flipping through a scrapbook or picture album full of sentiment!


It’s our tradition as a couple to hang the “1981 Our First Christmas Together” ornament and exchange a kiss.  It’s not only family tradition, it’s like another seal on our commitment to one another!


Here are some little glimpses of other places in the house – some explanations will follow.


The fireplace mantle is a fun place to decorate.  I have my snowman collection there, with lots of white lights and white accessories to keep it looking like a snowy scene.  When Christmas is over, I change out my chalkboard and put up a snowy message for January.

I love my Christmas dishes.  I purchased them at Target after Christmas for about 90% off!  They’re Holiday Celebrations by Christopher Radko. I use them every day all month long – not just for Christmas day.

Those salt and pepper shakers say “Seasons greetings” – ha!  My attempt at making a pun.  =)  My husband bought me those years ago, and I adore them.  They ARE cats, after all!

The boxwood wreath is on the guest bath door.  It’s easy to tell a guest that the restroom is “the door with the wreath on it.”  I simply wrapped red trim around the boxwood to give it a festive touch.

The Guest bath has a tiny tree on the table.  Just a little touch of Christmas.

My Scrabble tiles near the nativity say” Born to Die.”  What a precious Gift!

My entry table is rustic and is there to share a chocolate treat, give off a warm candle scent, and receive signatures in the Guest book of those who come to our home.

Our door is open to you, friends!

Merry Christmas!