Say “Welcome” With Your Door!

Hi friends! I’m just sharing a quick little post with an idea I tried recently and love!

I found a package of vinyl stickers at Hobby Lobby on the clearance rack. I paid under a dollar for a sticker that I knew would look adorable on my garage door. This is meant for scrapbooking, but it affixed to the door perfectly!

No paint, no stencil needed! Just pull off the backing and stick in place!

It’s my tendency to put all my efforts into the front door, but my husband comes through that door every day! I thought a pleasant greeting should await him, too!

What could you add to the door where your family enters? What do want to say to your guests who approach your home? Why not say it with a vinyl sticker?!


Longevity’s Blessings


As a woman ages, there are certain subjects that she is able to address that would have been out of her zone when she was younger.  One such subject is longevity.  I’ve lived long enough now to say I’ve experienced longevity in:

  • Life!  Creeping up on 60 years is a blessing from the Lord!
  • Marriage!  Thirty-seven years and counting!
  • Ministry!  Thirty-seven years as a pastor’s wife.

I’m not an expert in any area, but I’ve been through much in each.  I’m thankful for the things the Lord has taught me.

Recently my husband was asked to come speak at a church on this very subject and I was Continue reading “Longevity’s Blessings”


Thank You!

Let me end the week of my 10th blogging anniversary by saying a huge thank you to each of you who read, like or comment on my posts.  Without you, it would be pretty lonely on this site!

lavender cups 1

I’ve loved meeting many of you, either here or in person!  What a joy to hear that a post has encouraged, helped or inspired you!

If you have a topic you’d like to see addressed here, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.  I don’t know how long this will continue, but I’ll approach each day with a fresh start and give you what the Lord puts on my heart.

Stay refreshed this weekend by attending a Bible preaching church.  If you’re in the area, Boones Creek Bible Church is an awesome place to learn about our awesome God!  I’m off to spend a fun weekend with my girls!  We’re celebrating birthdays!  This might take the sting out of the number!!  Happy Friday!



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Memorizing the Word of God

As I continue to celebrate the 10th anniversary of RefreshHer this week, I had to stop and share a brief video, because out of my blog came the opportunity to add videos on You Tube.  This is an arm off of my site here, that holds the same desire – the refresh the hearts of women.  I never set out to begin a You Tube Channel, but it just sort of evolved out of the desire to speak to women on the same platform as my blog, but in a little more personal way.

YouTube Thumbnail

Today’s video is a challenge to memorize Scripture.  I’ve by no means gotten it down pat!  I stumble and falter (as you’ll witness on the video!), but the important fact is that I’m getting His Word in my heart.  I share this today, not to boast, but to gently nudge each of you to find a passage of Scripture that you could memorize.

There are no secrets to memorizing – it’s just hard work and a heart to do it.  However, we do have the help of the Author!  God Himself will enable you and me to remember His Word as we ask for wisdom to do so (James 1:5).

Go here to see the video. You can also search my name, Denise Cunningham and you’ll find the thumbnail above. I pray it will encourage you to keep on memorizing, if you’re working on Scripture memory, or to get started if you’ve been hesitant to begin.  It’s a wonderful blessing that you will surely treasure!

Are you memorizing Scripture?  What are you working on?

Do you struggle?  Start with ONE verse and write it on a card.  Get the understanding of the verse in your heart.  Pray that verse back to God.  Take that card with you everywhere.  Put it in your pocket.  Put it in front of you when you’re working.  Keep saying it over and over until you get it mastered…it make take days or weeks. Just keep at it.  That verse will become your dearest friend.

Refresh yourself with Scripture!

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You Just Might Be Wrong

I remember the night we had the privilege of having our visiting missionaries in our home for a light lunch.  I LOVE having missionaries around my table!  The conversation is incredible.  I am challenged and convicted.  This particular night I was encouraged.

As we chatted, dear brother Milo Tomas told us about a tract that he has written and distributed in the Philippines – hundreds of thousands of them.  However, at one point he was disturbed that though there had been so many handed out, he had not heard of one person that had come to Christ as a result of it. His heart was heavy.  He felt discouraged.

Then one day he was in a class of missionary trainees and he shared that fact – that no one had come to know Christ because of the distribution of his tract.  At that moment a hand was raised and a man said to Milo, Continue reading “You Just Might Be Wrong”

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Tips For Hosting a Stress-Free Shower

wedding shower 1

I love hosting showers! Babies and weddings are just fun events to celebrate! They are both gifts from God, and that alone makes them special!  This past Saturday I had the blessing of having a wedding shower in my home for a sweet young woman who has been a part of my Adult Bible Fellowship this year.  I had so much fun coming up with a menu and decorations to help her celebrate her upcoming fall wedding!

I thought I’d show you how I plan and work ahead of time to keep things from being too stressful the morning of the shower.

  1. Decide on a menu – I went with brunch and served:
    Egg and Sausage sliders
    Strawberry White Chocolate Scones –
    Crackers with Cheese Dip
    Fresh Fruit & Dip (Provided by a friend)
    Cappuccino Punch/Coffee/Water
  2. scones
    These are wonderful!!!

    Decide on a color scheme – I used pink and deep maroon flowers, the colors of the bride’s wedding.

  3. Begin to decorate the week before.  Here are some things I had done before Friday~
    Flower arrangements
    Mantle decorated
    Sketched on my chalkboards
  4. Make/prep whatever food you can ahead of time.  My do-ahead’s included:
    Cooking the sausage for the sandwiches
    Cutting strawberries for the scones
    Putting all the dry ingredients for the scones in Ziploc bags, ready to mix
  5. Get out all the dishes/platters you’ll need ahead of time. The night before set the tables, label platters and places where the food will be placed.  I use sticky notes on the platters telling what food goes there.  Then the day of the shower, if someone wants to help, they know where to put things. or if I’m working alone, that keeps me from getting frazzled!
  6. img_5244
  7. Cute chalkboard labels are great to label food platters
  8. Get the pitchers, utensils, plates and napkins ready.
  9. img_5242
  10. The day of the shower, try to have the food ready for the oven, or finished, if possible  30-60 minutes before your guests arrive. Then you can have the kitchen clean and  you’ll be ready to greet your friends as they come.
    Also, accept help if others offer!  A friend from church did the fruit and the punch.  My daughter came an hour early and helped me finish plating food.  Oh,and having a husband who is so wonderful to do dishes is a super-duper blessing!!!!


Working ahead is the best way to keep from being stressed.  A relaxed hostess can make her guests feel welcome because she really will be glad they came!

Happy showering!

With love from my country kitchen,

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Full Home ~ Full Heart

kitchen counter a

This has been a full summer, and I’m not necessarily talking about how busy it’s been.  I’m referring to the fullness  in my home and my heart.  You see, we have had the joy of hosting many people here.  We have had our church family here in small and large groups.  We hosted prayer meeting, after service fellowship, children’s Bible Club and women’s Bible study.  I’ll share the events via some pictures and explanations.

Continue reading “Full Home ~ Full Heart”