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The Jezebel Way

Before I begin today’s post, I want to give an update to those of you who read my Wednesday post about “What If You Knew You Only Had Another Day.” 
My precious cousin was given the prognosis of two months, but she only had three days.  She went home to be with Christ, her Savior on Wednesday afternoon.  She is safe in the arms of Jesus and her faith in Him is now sight.  Scripture says, Absent from the body, present with the Lord.  II Cor. 5:8 Thank you to those of you prayed for her.  Please pray for their family, for they are the only ones suffering now.  She is pain free, cancer free and sin free.  Again, I pray you have the assurance of eternity in heaven as she did and is now experiencing!
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S’More Group Date Night Idea

The perfect S’more Date night weather is finally upon us!  My husband and I invited couples from church to come over for a date night that we called, “Amore’ S’mores.”  The temperatures were perfect, the skies were clear, and the fire felt really good when the sun went down!  Let me share with you the events of our fun group date night!

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Tips & Tricks That Refreshed Us!

We’ve been home bound this week due to my husband’s eye surgery, but we’ve had some wonderfully refreshing blessings that have truly refreshed us!

  • Did you know you can plant your Mums and possibly get them to come back next year? I’ve enjoyed these flowers so much!

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Refreshment in marriage

Marriage Grace

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For all of us who know Christ as our Savior, we not only experienced saving grace (that which we do not deserve), we also experience God’s grace every single day.  Every good gift that we enjoy is a grace gift from His loving hands –

Health – the ability to see, eat, walk, breathe on our own!
Material possessions – a home, a car, clothes, money in the bank, groceries in the cupboard.
Relationships – Marriage, children, grandchildren, friendships.
Spiritual blessings – God’s Word, a church, fellowship, answered prayer.

We could go on and on listing all God’s grace blessings to us, but I want us to think about how we can give grace to our spouse in order to put the Gospel on display to a watching world.

Let’s consider a few scenarios: 

She doesn’t mind eating at a table without all the silverware, a place mat or a centerpiece, but because she wants her husband to know she was anxious for their supper meal together, she sets the table before they eat.


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Letting Him Lead On the Scenic Route

It was a typical Monday morning for me. The dryer was finishing up load number one while the washer was swishing the sudsy clothes of load number two. My mental list was clicking through the things I would accomplish on this early day in the week.

My husband walked in while I was drying my hair a bit later and asked the question that always means he has an idea…

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